Climate Emergency.

As 2019 draws to an end, its an important time to reflect and reassess.

Throughout the construction industry, Architects have declared a climate emergency. An 11 point declaration has been signed by 811 architecture practices all vowing to collaborate, raise awareness and share knowledge to tackle the current crises of climate breakdown and biodiversity loss.

Architects Declare have recently issued a statement highlighting the proposed Part L 2020 was a regression opposed to progression, during a period when it is most desperately needed, adding that it was vital architects make their voices heard.

In response to raising awareness of climatic breakdown and biodiversity loss, the RIBA committee has issued a challenge  – RIBA Climate Change 2030. Again, encompassing the key actions required to tackle the climate crises.

Not only Architects Declare #architectsdeclare but further organisations have formed – Architects Climate Action Network (ACAN).

The AJ issued an article urging architects to take the first small step towards a brighter future.

There is no Planet B.

I urge you all to reassess the importance of sustainability. To aid in this process, the RIBA has created a document which I highly recommend we all begin to use as the first port of reference.

“The fundamental aim of RIBA Sustainable Outcomes is to distil the complexity of sustainable architectural design into a set of measurable and manageable outcomes that architectural practices can use on a daily basis on projects of all scales.”

RIBA Sustainable Outcomes Guide

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