#005 Conen Sigl

Barbican hosting Architecture on Stage series featuring Conen Sigl Architects

This was a rather delightful lecture, and possibly one of my favourite from the series.

The lecture began with a conceptual collage featuring floor plans, isometrics and partial elevations of their portfolio, all lovingly combined to create a really interesting spatial concept.

As we dove into each project, moving from internal to external spaces, elaborating on how you read the journey and the spaces, tying them together subtlety using a specific architectural language, we began to unravel the key design moves that went in to every spatial composition.

At the end of each project, Conen Sigl made conceptual diagrams of each of their projects. This was an aid for then to remember the key aspects of each project and also produced truly amazing diagramatic compositions which were later transformed into furniture and then again into art work for an exhibition.

One such collage image the practice produced post completion

Using simple material strategies like using gloss paint in specific colours and shapes on the ceilings of each room to visually link the journey from one room to another, and circular columns with a geometric head to define the threshold symbolically from above.

Using architectural columns to create a covered outdoor space as well as being visually dynamic
Quote defining one of the key concepts which drive the practice design

On the final project they spoke about, the grand finale if you will, was a large community center with flexible floor plates adjacent from residential dwellings. Utilising the industrial context as inspiration for their corrugated blue cladding and harvesting the community culture whilst keeping residential and office commercial space partially interlinked creates the spatial dynamic which makes projects like this, thrive.

Another final note, I loved their renders. In every render a red ball appeared to provide a delicate undertone of playfulness.

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