Book list for February

My new years resolution has been to try to read a series of new books which will expand my personal and professional growth.

What you see in the photograph above, is a series of books which has been either recommended or that have drawn me in via a pleasing cover…

  1. Bovenbouw Architectuur: Living the Exotic Everyday
  2. Gross Ideas: Tales of Tomorrow’s Architecture
  3. The E Myth Revisited – Michael E Gerber
  4. The Ten Faces of Innovation

I have just finished reading 10 faces of innovation, it is a very easy read and it has caused me to focus my attentions the multitude of personalities present in my current employment.

Tom Kelly defines 10 personailities breaks down each into specific traits, stating the personalities are not set to one individual and can be merged. Each personality is elaborated on by retelling personal experiences and in many ways encompassing one of the traits, i.e. the story teller. Overall, it is said with these personalities working in harmony, an optimum environment is provided for innovation to thrive.

There is a lot in this book which I know to be true, for example, in the Architecture industry the “WELL” standard has produced thorough research about creating an optimum working environment for employees in numerous industries. With small touches, such as office plants, natural greenery, informal spaces and hubs, provides these “spatial moments” prime opportunities for innovation to form.

I’d recommend this book to all personalities, employees or employers. It provides a holistic view of intricacies found in every company, with helpful stories and examples along the way.

Next book in the series… watch this space…