AH# 004 Working from Home – The Good, the Bad and yes, the ugly…

Working from home – sounds ideal? Sounds like what you have been wishing for since you started your daily commute to work, am I right?

Well, 3 months into working from home and I can honestly say, I’m very happy to go back into work soon… I miss the open dialogue, the human interaction and the general passing of strangers. This is odd, espeically as I would consider myself more of an introvert than an extrovert. I even did the Myers Briggs test to prove it…

However, there has been some amazing work from Architecture firms all over the UK. Ones who have truly stepped up their game to help with the entire pandemic issue.

3D printing PPE, desiging solutions to non-contact exposure, re-evauating how we must now use public spaces, the building of the Nightingale hospitals, even down to helping fellow #workingfromhome buddies and collegues:

Insta Office: A Solution to Your Work-From-Home Conundrum

There are many more flat pack ideas and designed solutions to making the required change to working from home.

Mine was slightly different, I took over the kitchen table, first working just from a laptop, then began harnessing my green thumb… I have never had so many plants which are thriving!

I call her Big Red.

There is tonnes of information around Biophillic design and how it positively impacts the occupants. From office spaces to home life…

#NaturalTrust Trees given by The Mayor of London

So, like everyone, I had more time than ever before on my hands! I kept up my normal routine, woke up at the same time everyday, did my excersies, went for a walk then sat down at my make-shift desk, and began to work. I found this was the key to success for the past 3 months, but then, like a fair few of my colleguges, we hit a lull.

Getting bored of our environments, annoyed at the simplest things, unable to move outdoors without horrific anxiety of how close proximity people are getting to you on the pavement… it all surmounted to a glorious peak, one of which I tackled like a complete child. I locked myself indoors, went to bed, recharged my batteries, ate chocolate, and then, once monday rolled round again, I was slightly more engergised and prepared to cope.

The Good side – I gained so much more time with my partner, homelife was more relaxed, I began to value what I have accomplished in life – such as an amazing view, the thriving garden, my paintings, my career even down to my health, I became more thankful for my friends and family, my neighbours and my colleguges. I became more empathetic to others around me.

Wimbledon Park evening walks

The Bad side – I became slightly bored, got in my head a little too much.. don’t we all? Became restless, took on too much work, needed to learn when to put down the technology and just take time to stop.

The Ugly – Not showering is not an option… learnt that the hard way. Keeping up routine is vital… again, daily hygeine is imperitive. Exercise. Stop. Dear god stop wearing sweat pants or “running” gear if you do not go running! That was another turning point…

FINALLY! To end on a good note… I have started painting and sketching again…

Work in progress…

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