Radio Silence…

I must apologise, it has been an extrodinarily strange start to the year, wouldn’t you agree?

The reason why there has been Radio silence from the blog, and in general, is because as soon as lockdown happened, work oddly ramped up.

People harnessed living and working from home, becoming more productive, more proactive with their hobbies and additional side projects. All of which I have been encompassed in and working like a mad woman attempting to satisfy the need to make the most out of this strange time. Some may take the opportunity to rest, recoup… Snooze you lose, right?!

You can see my day-day life from the previous blog post – “Working from Home – The Good, the Bad and the ugly”

I am now, slightly burnt out. I need of a holiday, but alas. I have achieived some pretty awesome things… for example.


The Royal Institute of British Architects have launched a Young Architects Initiative Enterprise challenge, called RIBA REFABRICATE.

” RE-FABRICATE is a collaborative research project calling for architects and designers to craft and innovate new materials and uses from waste produce.”


Essentially, the task or challenge that was set to us, as young and impressionable Architects, designers, etc. was to create a material to be used in the construction industry which could be used and re-used, again and again with no waste. Cradle to Cradle – whole life cycle and part of the circular economy to be intergated into the Construction industry reducing the massive amounts of contruction waste, filling our landfills and contrubuting towards climate change.

Think we are exsaggurating regarding the impact of construction on our climate?

Here are some pretty damning facts…

In  2014 the UK generated 202.8 million tonnes of waste for which the construction industry was responsible for 59%.

In total, buildings and construction are responsible for 39% of energy-related carbon dioxide.

And so… I signed up to the cause to utalise our design creativity to collaboratibvely come up with a solution to one of the many drivers of climate change. I was signed up to #TeamGlass.

Essentially, reverting back to the source of the issue of glass in construction, is the amount of waste. Glass is recyable, upcycable, remouldable and yet… we put the majority of glass into landfill, where it doesn’t degrade.

Furthermore, the raw materials required to produce glass, such as sand, is causing huge scaring across the earths surface through mining, equally creating sand wars between different countries. Seems crazy eh?

Anyway… few months later we as a group of initially 10, then 5 due to COVID related issues, came up with the idea of the GlassPass. We issue licenses to manufacturers to “stamp” their float glass with a unique code which tells us the composition of the glass and by which manufacturer. Enabling demolition contractors, homeowners etc to recycle and upgrade their glass. Seems simple? Right? … here’s the link to find out more…


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